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Every Christmas we help the lonely elderly

Franco, who at 76 lives in the dormitory and dreams of an apartment. Luigina, who cannot walk and is stuck in the house in an eternal lockdown. Antonio, who shows the unpaid bills and explains why he can’t manage: the pension is too low, the expenses too high. Nobody can give him a hand. Covid has made him even more alone.

The elderly of the Thirteenth Salary of Friendship have the same eyes as our fathers and grandfathers. They have stories like this behind them: normal families destroyed by misfortune, layoffs or quarrels. Very deep wounds, accounts in the red, sudden poverty and poverty that has been dragging on forever. They are frail elderly, who are even more at risk with the health emergency. They are getting sick and have been forgotten. This is why we want to embrace them in the only possible way, with practical help. This is what we have been offering to thousands of people like Franco, Luigina and Antonio since 1976. A cheque used to pay bills for heating and rent. A gift that gives hope in these weeks of fear.

In 46 editions of the historic project launched by Specchio dei Tempi in Piedmont, we have delivered 76,000 grants, for a total of 29.5 million euros. Thanks to Specchio d’Italia, for the first time, we are taking the initiative to five other regions: from Milan to Bari, passing through Genoa, Rome, Bari and Sassari. The mechanism is the same everywhere. We have collected dozens of requests (everyone can submit one by filling out the form here ). Each senior involved in the project receives a cheque for 300 euros. Every offer that is entrusted to us is immediately transformed into practical help. The more funds we raise, the more grandparents we hug.

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Support for the elderly

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Every day we are close to those who suffer, in Italy and in the world. Transforming your donations into concrete and immediate help.


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