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19 March 2021

What we have done in nine months in Milan

Angelo Conti

Specchio d’Italia has been in Milan since last summer when, in the midst of the pandemic, it handled the distribution of over 3,000 free shopping packages to as many families in difficulty. However, it did not stop there. Other initiatives were immediately activated, including the home delivery of over 15,000 solidarity dinners during the Christmas period. Also in Milan, Specchio d’Italia activated the “Thirteenth Salary of Friendship” project with the aim of delivering aid of 300 euros to 50 poor and lonely elderly people at Christmas, while ” Forza nonni!” (“Come on you Elderly”) is being developed and will go on throughout 2021.

The most important intervention so far has been the one in support of the “Scuola Bottega” project, carried out by the La Strada Association in the Corvetto quarter. The project is dedicated to those children who find it difficult to follow the normal programme during middle school. In agreement with the schools of origin, 14 boys and 1 girl changed their approach to middle school, attending the last school year with a dedicated programme. In addition to the normal teaching courses, this includes workshops (bakery and carpentry) as well as an internship in various types of companies in which the children can begin to get in touch with the world of work. In June, the middle school exam was taken by all, concluding this experience in a positive and useful way for their future.


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