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24 January 2023

“Realizza il tuo sogno” tender: winners selected

After the tragic flood that hit the Marche region in mid-September, the Specchio d’Italia Foundation, thanks to the support of hundreds of generous citizens, intervened by helping 50 small businesses in the area through the provision of a non-repayable grant of EUR 2,000.

On 03 November, Specchio d’Italia launched the “Make your dream come true” call for proposals aimed at young people aged between 18 and 36 resident in the flooded communities to reward their entrepreneurial spirit and desire to improve their skills.

45 proposals were submitted and the Foundation selected 20 of them. A total of 152,000 euro was allocated to young people from Cantiano, Ostra, Pergola, Senigallia and Sassoferrato.

There were 12 requests for study support: masters, diplomas, degrees and professional courses. These young people no longer want their educational dreams to weigh on the shoulders of their families, already hit by the current economic situation, and even more so by the unforeseen expenses caused by the flood.

There are 6 proposals for the development of entrepreneurial activities. From the purchase of a greenhouse for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables, to the implementation of Giant Bamboo cultivation (useful for counteracting hydrogeological instability). From the repopulation of dozens of families of native bees, to the development of an event organisation company and an artisan carpentry company. Up to the support for the creation of a large widespread festival that will actively involve artists, musicians and local communities.

Finally, the Specchio d’Italia Foundation is contributing to the launch of a travelling paper production workshop that will pass through schools and squares in the Marche region. There is also a research project, which will feature the Municipality of Cantiano and its movable and fixed works.

Thanks to all these young people, who despite the difficulties, continue to believe in their territory and their dreams.

Thanks to those who have supported the Foundation. With every donation, you provide concrete help.

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