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Having a computer means having a chance: the ability to build a future for yourself. In Italy, more than 30% of families do not have a PC or tablet: we are leaving more than 850,000 students behind. We want to help those boys and girls with the Digital and Equal project, a great fundraising to give students the laptops they need. Tools that will accompany them not only in these months of distance learning, but throughout their school and training journey.

Launched by YOOX together with the Gedi Group newspapers, the Specchio d’Italia Onlus Foundation and the Golinelli Foundation, the initiative aims to reduce inequalities and provide concrete aid to the new generations. The delay in digitalisation places Italy in 25th place out of 27 EU member countries for competitiveness and technological development. And thousands of kids, because of this gap, risk not being able to access professional opportunities where digital skills are key requirements. Everyone can support Digital and Equal and help buy laptops that will reach the pupils in need through schools. We will distribute them in the coming weeks and tell every phase of the project, from the collection of requests (info here) to the delivery to the institutes.

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