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11 March 2022

Half a million euro donated for Ukraine

Over 505,000 euro raised from 2,215 donors. This is the current picture of the subscription launched by Specchio d’Italia and Specchio dei tempi, the two charitable foundations linked to the Gedi group. Among the first to have opened the collection in favour of the Ukrainian refugees, already on the morning of Sunday 27 February, with a payment of their own funds for 100,000 euro, they then managed a long series of interventions.

The first emergency appeared on the Polish and Hungarian borders. In a few hours, Specchio d’Italia contacted voluntary associations, local authorities and journalists from local newspapers in those countries to get a good understanding. It appeared that while there were no critical situations on the Hungarian border (the Hungarian reception machine is efficient and covers all the needs of those arriving), the situation on the routes to Poland, Romania and Moldova was quite different. The first shuttles financed and supported by our foundations went to these areas.

 After a few days, the first refugees arrived in Italy, reaching first Brescia, then Modena, Milan, Rome and Turin. Since then, the shuttle service has become daily: 9-seater buses and a 54-seater coach, which left on Saturday and returned to Piedmont last night.

Obviously, these vehicles also started to transport basic necessities: mainly foodstuffs with a long shelf life, personal hygiene products, mattresses, cots, pillows, medicines and various medical supplies (with particular demand for syringes, bandages, plasters and disinfectants).

Gradually, the sphere of intervention was extended to Ukraine: the two foundations’ minibuses reached Lviv on several occasions, bringing supplies and returning loaded with hope in the form of the refugees.

In the meantime, Specchio d’Italia has also started to offer assistance to refugees who have arrived in other Italian cities. In Palermo, an important economic contribution was given to the family of a severely disabled 8-year-old girl who had just arrived from Kiev (photo below). It was precisely this intervention that triggered another initiative to enable the supply of rare and expensive medicines (e.g. anti-epileptic drugs) for disabled children still in Ukraine.

Specchio d’Italia is also opening a tent city on the border with Romania for the first reception of those arriving and from tomorrow will also support the costs of a chain of departures with 60-seater coaches to Milan, Rome and Turin.

How to donate for the Ukrainian refugees

You can donate by clicking here or you can pay by bank transfer to the current account in the name of Fondazione Specchio d’Italia ONLUS, Iban code IT82 F030 6909 6061 0000 0176 056, Banca Intesasanpaolo. Please indicate “For the people of Ukraine” in the reason for payment.

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