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17 August 2021

Haiti, a fundraising for earthquake victims

Angelo Conti

Hundreds of deaths, an almost non-existent health system, armed gangs that hinder rescue with robberies and kidnappings, the terrifying earthquake (7.1 degrees) that devastated Haiti on the eve of August 15th requires everyone’s attention. Especially for us at Specchio d’Italia who already experienced the drama of the previous earthquake eleven years ago (less violent, but with the capital Port Au Prince as its epicenter, therefore with thousands of deaths).

Then, through the Specchio dei Tempi foundation (of which Specchio d’Italia is the national brand), we intervened to support the activity of the Saint Camille Hospital in Port Au Prince, also contributing to the creation of a clinic in Jeremee, in the most southern part of the island, which is today also the area most affected by the last earthquake.

“At the moment there are two priorities – explains Father Antonio Menegon – assistance to the wounded who often find themselves in villages completely devoid of basic medical facilities and finding housing alternatives to the destroyed houses. The first emergency is made more critical both by the roads that cross the tormented and mountainous area affected and by the presence of gangs of criminals who, after the recent political troubles in the country, have gained strength and are continually carrying out robberies, kidnappings and violence. Alongside the tragedy of the earthquake, here we must therefore also deal with a profound social drama ”.

Father Robert Daudier is the director of the Saint Camille Hospital: “The earthquake was very violent even in the capital, but it is in the Jeremee area that the situation is truly tragic. In fact, it is difficult to prune rescue by land because the Martissant area, along the route, has been in the hands of bandits for more than 2 months: they shoot passing cars, attack passers-by, kidnap those who can pay for something, and whites they are the most at risk. We need help to overcome these difficult situations, perhaps even trying to use a helicopter. The population was no longer able to cope with these terrible socio-political conditions. And now the earthquake has arrived, with hundreds and hundreds of deaths, thousands of houses destroyed, tens of thousands of families in very serious difficulty, including food ”.

The Specchio d’Italia foundation is the joint arm of the publications of the Gedi Publishing Group. It was born from the Turin experience of Mirror of the Times but is autonomous and widespread throughout Italy. Specchio d’Italia is based in Milan and carries out projects in Rome, Bari, Genoa, Trieste, Venice, Palermo, Crotone and Sassari. Abroad it is present in Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Somaliland, Mexico and Brazil. It lives on the solidarity of those who actually want to give a hand to make the world a little bit better.

*Foto Ansa / La Stampa

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