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1 April 2020

Ten million donations to fight Coronavirus

22 days non-stop: dozens of machineries, coats, masks and gloves donated to the Hospitals in piedmont

By Angelo Conte & Francesca Giannotti

Ten thousands donations. Ten thousands people have decided to trust and support Specchio dei tempi in the fight against Coronavirus in favor of the hospitals, doctors, nurses and volunteers. The fundraising has exceeded 7.750.000 euros. A second record for the Foundation (the first one remains the subscription for the Flood in 1994 that had reached 25 billions of Italian liras). The donors come from all over the world, 550 donations from 60 different countries to be precise: 29.122 contributions arrive from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada are right behind them. We have also received support from other parts of the world such as Guatemala, Singapore, Hong Kong, Lituania, Macao, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan. The most generous contribution arrived from Lavazza (with a donation of 3 million euros), followed by the Agnelli family. Our social media pages helped spreading the word between the younger generations that donated through Satispay (38.652 euros wit 1236 donations).

These numbers pushed the team, and a supporting group of volunteers, through this 22-day- marathon where everyone is working day and night to supply the hospitals with the machineries and equipments needed. They keep track and respond to all the requests for hundred of thousands personal protection materials. In the last 24 hours we have reached twenty structures that include Turin’s hospitals, the ASL, retirement homes, charitable associations and the Piedmont Region Crisis Unit. Yesterday we’ve donated 19.300 FFP2 masks, 2.300 surgical masks, 28.000 gloves, 3.000 coats, 300 visors, 660 goggles, 230 gel bottle, 250 sleeve covers, dozens of oximeters, thermometers and stethoscopes. This adds up to a total of almost 400.000 pieces of DPI materials delivered since the beginning of the subscription, 22 day ago. 

On top of all the DPI materials, great part of the hospitals in the Piedmont region have been donated dozens of vanguard machineries to help cure the patients with Covid-19. These include two CT scans (one for the Amedeo di Savoia and a second one for the Martini Hospital), twenty pulmonary ultrasound machines, critical care ultrasounds, parametric monitors, beds and furnitures for the new reanimation units. This has all been possible even with the difficult market situation. In fact many orders had been placed abroad and arrived from China, Poland, Ukraine and Holland.

The foundation could not forget about the social sphere. Grocery bags have been delivered to almost 4.500 elderly citizens. We are also supporting the single moms in difficulty, delivering pet food, helping 160 schools with sanitizing kits and supporting an e-learning program (together with the Agnelli Foundation and Reale Mutua). In the next few days we will be donating hundreds of tablets to the needy students. We are also studying support programs for families and small businesses.

The President of the Foundation, Lodovico Passerin d’Entreves has stated: “Companies, associations and individuals find themselves together, with Specchio dei tempi, in fighting this battle. It’s overwhelming to see that also the young generations are on board. Until the end of this crisis, our commitment remains unconditional”. Last night the donations reached 7.759.096 euros with the help of 10.273 donors.


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